August 10, 2012

WTAC Update

Well, Day 1 of the WTAC is complete and the standings have not changed much. NEMO is still on top with a record setting 1:25:7.

Cyber Evo has now made an appearance at the track after sorting out there problems, they have yet to turn a lap though so maybe tomorrow we will get an idea of where they stand.

Here are the complete standings after Day 1:

Pro Class Top 5

1:25.7400 - Nemo Racing (AUS)
1:27.3100 - Tilton Interiors (AUS)
1:28.5240 - Scorch Racing (JAP)
1:29.2470 - MCA Suspension (AUS)
1:30.5210 - RE Amemiya (JAP)

Open Top 5

1:30.7260 – Dominator Evo –  J. Willard
1:34.2260 – Chasers Motorworks – A. Hamdan
1:34.3470 – V-Sport – R. Bates
1:35.2590 – Andrew Sutton  - A. Sutton / W.Sutton
1:35.4760 – Topstage Composites – A. Newton

Clubsprint Top 5

1:38.8600 – Scorpion AWD – N. Scott
1:40.7510 – IS Motor Racing / Royal Purple Oils – D. Farquhar
1:41.2450 – Whiteline Performance – M. Tomaszewski
1:41.5460 – Road Track Rally – D. Morice
1:42.0830 – Harrop – B. Schoots

Here is a great recap video of Day 1:

I will do my best to update this throughout the weekend when I can, however tomorrow I am off to Mid OH Sports Car Course to support the customer that is testing our catch can. All reports from today's sessions are that the catch can is working great! I will also be there supporting the Turn in Concepts team and a few other local guys. It will be difficult to sit on the sidelines but hopefully, soon enough our STI will be back up and running.

I will be sure to post some pictures of the weekend and I will also have some updates on the STI coming soon. If I can not post, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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