August 28, 2012

X-mas In August at BME

Some new parts were received over the past week!

First up, is the VEMS Wideband/EGT gauge. These gauges typically come standard with red lights for the AFR and green lights for the EGT. With how anal Pat is, he needed to special order a double-red gauge from the manufacturer. While it may seem trivial, we truly believe that little details like these will help keep this vehicle as hot off the track, as it is going to be on the track. We hope that you all come to appreciate small details like these, as you can find them throughout the entire build.

Next, are some machined aluminum front camber plates from MSI. These will allow us to have precise control over the camber/caster alignment settings of the STI. As you can see, the quality of these parts is impressive, which is expected from MSI.

Here is a picture of the first test fitting of one of our new Planted Technologies seat bases. The fit was perfect, and many thanks to Planted for sponsoring this build! We look forward to mounting some seats on them shortly!

Some slight tweaks were made to the trunk setup again. Here are a couple pictures of the final product.

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