October 12, 2012

Army-Navy Fittings, Ready for Battle!

BME Time Attack STI Update

It's been a little while since we've updated you on the status of our STI build. We've had some disappointing setbacks with shipping delays, and now it looks like the turbo and intercooler setup are going to be a full custom kit designed by Pat @ BME. We're thinking v-mount FMIC with a low mount turbo maybe? Although we're having some trouble finding a radiator company willing to make us a proper radiator with angled fins...

Anyway, Pat's been busy prepping all of the new AN fittings are getting them slapped on the motor. All parts used in this build are provided by Fragola. The quality of their products is really top-notch. Everything from their fittings to their hoses have been outstanding. We will also be using the high quality products of Fragola with our BME catch can kits, keep an eye out for that soon, too!

Here are some pictures to hold you over...

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