January 15, 2013

A little update from Illinois

Well... It has been quite some time since we've made any updates, and I apologize. The last few months have been hectic between me planning my wedding and searching for a new home. Pat also has accepted a job with Turn In Concepts and is now working there. He has officially gotten out of corporate America. Lucky bastard...

Anyway... I was able to pick up a nice little daily driver and put the AutoX WRX into storage for 2013.

Meet Layla, the scrappy little 1997 EK hatch. She had about 98k miles on her when I brought her home. The car is really fun to drive, and I have some future plans for a full LHD EK9 CTR conversion. But that must wait until the WRX is complete. As a California car, the paint is in really rough shape, but the interior is pristine. Mechanically it runs great.

Pat should be posting up the latest on the TT STI shortly. He has been super busy working on the TIC shop and customer cars, but has still been doing some awesome things. 

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