January 22, 2013

Fear No Evo: A Glimpse Of What's To Come

It is no secret that STI's and Evo's have a long history of competition. "EVO LOL" and "PFFT STI" license plates are commonplace in the racing scene. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little rivalry... It creates great competition and pushes both sides to improve. At BME, we support any platform that has a great racing heritage; and the Mitsubishi Evolution is no exception. Take for example, Sam's new 2006 Wicked White Evo MR. Sam has been in the Evo scene ever since he bought his black GSR back in 2006. It was minty, with just 3 miles on it when he picked it up from the dealer. Sam and his Evo have gone through many, many changes over the years. The idea was to build the best autocross machine possible, while never compromising its daily-driveability. I can speak first-hand when I say that this guy is nothing less than a perfectionist when it comes to his cars. We go way back to college days, and even started a racing league in Central Illinois that we ran successfully for a couple of years. But geographical constraints forced us to shut it down. GRM Article below.

Sam has been searching the used market for a fresh wicked white MR for about 6 months now. I honestly can't believe all that he has gone through to get this car... He finally picked one up in Cincinnati 2 weeks ago, and it was definitely worth the long search. With just 22,xxx miles on the odometer and not a single door ding, this thing is an absolute gem. We expect nothing but perfection when it comes to the build of Sam's new machine, and BME is proud to be able to get our hands dirty with it. While our shop operations are handled out of the Cincinnati-region, we will be meeting Sam in the Chicago suburbs to handle the work that he needs done. We consider it a small price to pay to work on perhaps one of the cleanest Evo IX's left in the scene.

Here's a short list of the work we'll be completing;

   - Ohlins DFV Coilovers onto the WW Evo
   - Swapping out his MR Suspension from the Black Evo
   - DW300 Fuel Pump
   - Buschur JDM-fit Catback Exhaust
   - Authentic JDM Rear Bumper Cover & JDM IX Taillights
   - Front & Rear Crash Beams
   - Buschur Quick-Release Harness Bar
   - ACD Computer, Coil On Packs, and a handful of bushings

Here's a little teaser to get you excited about the things to come! You can also follow Sam's journal at EvoM!

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