October 8, 2013

Always Mocking Me... Part 1

With my new intake scheduled to be delivered this Friday, I got started on the custom BME intake heat shield and box. I want to make sure to give the intake the best chance at performance. Today after work, I created a template out of cardboard, and mocked it up completely in the bay. Obviously the heat shield design will need to be tweaked once the intake arrives and I see the fitment. But I am confident that this should be a great start!

 - Once this piece is cut out of the sheet metal, the fender-side will be sprayed down with high temp black paint and the engine side will be covered in heat reflective gold tape. The edges will be finished with rubber piping. The top will be sealed off with plexiglass; this will allow me to visually inspect the full setup, and make for simple maintenance.

So now that the template is complete, I have to start planning for how the ducting will work on the cold air feed. Since the non-B16 civics don't seem to come with the hole into the fender-well, I need to use a hole saw to cut a 2-3/8" hole into the frame where circled below.

The cold air feed will route to the bumper and draw air as shown below.

That's all for now!

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