October 14, 2013

Is That An Intake? Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

This past weekend, I was forced to replace my old Spoon intake elbow due to the broken mounting tab leaving a nice sized hole in my intake... This was not good, and led to considerable losses during tuning. My tuner, Mikey, bolted up just a plain old aluminum tube to see what kind of losses we were seeing due to the restrictive/hole-y setup, and we gained 7whp! Zero tuning change, simply run-over-run...

This past weekend, the CTR received its new intake and I had the joy of installing it.

The intake of choice, against the pleas of my tuner at ProFunction since the intake had already been ordered, was the Password:JDM Power Chamber. I must admit that I was a little bit intrigued by this... Throbbing whale-****, monstrosity of an intake. Regardless of the performance, I can say with much assurance that my car is rocking a jones that has far more girth than your's.

Ok let's get to it... The intake itself looks decent in person, but the construction is very thin and multiple times through the installation I thought that it was going to crumble in my hands. I wish that they would've at least done one more kevlar overlay with an overlapping seam to give it a little more rigidity, but hey I'm not the one making the thing... They did short me by a hose clamp and about 3" of tubing in the kit, as well, luckily I have hundreds of random old parts from all of my previous cars laying around the garage so I was able to scrounge up what I needed to finish the install.

The size of the fatty intake made it difficult to get lined up properly and took a couple of shots at it. I also had to trim about 1/4" off of reducing coupler in order to get the intake to sit near-flush with the entry of the 70mm throttle body.

In order to improve the cold air flow to the intake, I had to route some tubing from the front bumper to a hole near the fender... Problem is that not all 96-00 civics come pre-cut with the hold. So $15 at home depot later, I found myself drilling at my car's frame with a 2 1/2" hole saw drill attachment.

Ducting all plumbed in, cut edge finished and sealed.

I did have one casualty... I snapped off a damn valve cover stud while installing the spark plug cover... Stupid thing was so brittle...

Now I just need to figure out the best way for running the heatshield...

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