October 6, 2013

Beer... Who Doesn't Love Beer? (and camber)

One my my hobbies (aside from cars, of course...) is BEER. Being a resident of one of the greatest cities in the US lends itself to some of the greatest craft brews you can imagine. While the blog is heavily based around cars, I plan to integrate some interesting craft brewed beers, as well. (...and maybe even a little bit of food every now and then)

This is a seasonal craft beer from the well-known Southern Tier Brewing Company... Pumking. This is a super tasty beer, unlike anything that I had really tasted prior to this. Everyone has had your typical "Sam Adams-Style" Octoberfest beers, but this is something different. Brewed with pumpkins, this beer has an intense flavor of cinnamon, cloves, and pumpkins that you can not only taste, but SMELL. From the moment that you pop the cap, you can smell the aroma just like pumpkin pie. It really brings me back to my Halloween childhood; I even got a flashback to when I dressed up as one of the Street Sharks.

Overall, I really enjoyed this beer. If you're looking for something festive to bring to a fall party, grab a 22 oz. bomber of Pumking by Southern Tier. You shant be disappointed!

Now for some car stuff!

Two weeks ago, I finally built up the energy to install my new Skunk2 front camber kit. Overall, the quality of the kit seems amazing. The powdercoat is fresh, the kit comes with a certificate of authenticity, and the fitment was spot-on.

This is hands-down the UGLIEST suspension setup I have ever seen... But shit, it's functional. Function > Form. Remember that!

After a full alignment, the shop was able to get -3.2* camber up front, -1.7* camber in the rear (2 washers) and zero toe all around. I'm really happy with the results, and the car feels like it drives on rails. Turning is unreal, zero understeer and the car just goes. The engine and the suspension complement each other perfectly in that everything is just. so. damn. responsive... The car is a blast, and the first autocross event is slated for 10/19, so stay tuned!

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