June 14, 2012

BME Radio: 06/14/12

Song of the Day

Alrighty, I'm going to get this out nice and early so that you all can jam for the rest of the day. I promise that I had every intention of posting last night, but then I grabbed some Carolina BBQ for dinner and got sleepy... Anyway, this song popped up on my Pandora and brought back some old memories. It was on my baseball pregame playlist my senior year of high school. Ahh the high school me was such a boss... I'm not sure what happened...

Like Pat said, we will have some really good updates on our STI today, so stay posted for that.

**I also just realized that there's a Subaru in the video :P

Name-calling, complaints about the song choice, internet wars, and spontaneous freestyle battles are highly encouraged.

"All These Things I Hate" by Bullet For My Valentine

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