June 14, 2012

D*mn girl, got some junk in the trunk! Pt. 2

BME STI Build Update

Attention to detail has been a key to the success of our STI. If you haven't noticed yet, Pat is a bit anal-compulsive when it comes to making sure that everything is done perfectly the first time around. This week, he decided that he wanted to re-route the way that the fuel system was originally laid out. This meant making a new trunk floor by hand, because he just couldn't have a few extra holes in the floor. It has to be perfect, no screwing around. Simplicity was #1 in the reorganization, and I must admit that this was the right decision. The setup is much cleaner and the lines flow a lot better now.

All of the Aeromotive goodies are finally bolted in, and the Fragola lines and fittings have been a joy to work with. Everything is coming together nicely now, moving from the rear to the front. The new Mishimoto radiator was received and test fitted, as well!

For more detailed information and pictures visit these updates on IWSTI! 1 2 3

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