June 3, 2012

Hangover Diaries: Mark's Redneck Day

Yesterday was jam packed with fun-filled redneck activities for me. I started my day off by touring the upstate in the BME WRX. I got a chance to see the outskirts of Greenville,SC. It definitely is a way of life far different than what I am used to, having grown up near Chicago. There are a lot of small towns and your local "Bill's Muffler Shop" places. I definitely should start bringin my Subaru there for routine maintenance... HA! After cruising for about 2 hours in sunny 80 degree weather, I felt it was time to get out and stretch my legs a bit. I found myself at a flea market in Anderson, SC. Everyone is missing at least three teeth, as if everyone plays hockey for a living. Even when you see someone who looks to perhaps be normal you realize that they're walking their child on a leash with a tattoo that says "Ron's Girl" on her boob and a black eye... *Shrug. I was hoping to find some gem items that could be used in our future shop; anything from jacks to an old electric oven (for powdercoating) would have been great. I have been watching a lot of Storage Wars lately so I was pumped. But the sad reality of the situation is that I'm in trailerville, not Beverly Hills. So no such luck this time around. I did come pretty d*mn close to buying a puppy, though. There were some hillbilly women selling labrador/catahoula mix pups. They had 3 females left, one of which was a black/dark brown brindle... And all this for the low low price of $10! What a steal! But i held back... I have my heart set on a yellow blockhead male labrador retriever, and I'd rather wait and find one after I have a house to bring it back to. Later in the day, my buddy and I went to the circle track races at Greenville-Pickens Speedway. I wore my yellow JEGS hat in a desperate attempt to blend in, but I'm sure they could see through my clever disguise. The people watching was excellent. I saw a Father-Son mullet combo, which was pretty epic. We were able to bring in our own beer, which was a good deal. It doesn't help my cause that I can easily put back 10 beers in a 2-hour period, especially at $4 each. There were some pretty exciting races and a couple of small crashes. Its pretty funny seeing the cars that the amateurs bring to the stock 4-cyl class. A couple gutted Saturns, a celica, and even a 5th gen prelude (w/ a mustang 5.0 front lol). I had a blast at my first circle track experience, and ended my night at Wild Wing Cafe for some more beer, live music, and possibly the best chicken fingers I've ever had. Overall a great night and I definitely need to do it again. Maybe bring some of the local Subaru peeps. Today I write this from Charlotte Airport nursing a hangover with a frappucino and a cold plain bagel. I should have gotten something greasy, but I'm worried for other passengers safety in case the wings, beer, and late night Taco Bell decide to fight back mid-flight. I'm hoping that I can fall asleep for the whole flight and pray I don't wind up sitting next to someone really chatty or fat. I need my sleep and my space. Anyway I'm going to wrap up my first mobile post ever... Not too bad if you ignore the fact it took me 1000 times longer than normal to write. Pat and I will both be in NY this week for our day jobs. Although we'll pretty much be on opposite ends of the state... There won't be any racecar updates this week, but maybe a couple more hangover rambles...

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