June 1, 2012

Product Update: 08+ WRX and STi Rear Bulkhead

Some progress has been made on our Bulkhead for the 08+ WRX and STi Sedans. We got our prototype back from water jet last week and it is ready to go in the car for fitment testing.

As you can see, some changes have been made from the original model posted a few weeks back on our products page. After a couple iterations we dialed in the fitment of the panel to where we liked it using some soft prototypes. This first hard prototype does have some extra material on it so that we can accurately remove material where necessary for things like fuel lines and wiring and then incorporate those changes into the final version.

Due to the need to get our STI up and running, progress on this will slow a bit but we are indeed working on it and will release it as soon as possible via a group buy on the forums. Keep checking back for updates!

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