July 6, 2012

BME Radio: 07/06/12

Song of the Day

I have been a bit AWOL lately, so I apologize. Day job got pretty hectic closing out our second quarter, along with my upcoming move back home to Chicago! I'm pretty pumped to finally be getting back after 2 years living in Grand Rapids, MI, Cincinnati, OH, and Greenville, SC. Although, I could DEFINITELY live in Greenville full time. If you've never been to South Carolina, you should check it out. Downtown is a lot of fun, and they do a lot for their residents (fests, live music, bars, etc). From Greenville, you're 3 hours from the beach, 1.5 hours from the mountains, 1.5 hours from Charlotte, 2 hours from Atlanta. I've had a lot of fun, to say the least. Anyway, here is some music. I'm gonna drop a deuce since I missed yesterday... (see what I did there?)

Name-calling, complaints about the song choice, internet wars, and spontaneous freestyle battles are highly encouraged.

"The Whale Song" - Modest Mouse

"Jaws Theme Swimming" - Brand New

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