July 2, 2012

Its Getting Hot In Here!

Since all of the sound deadening and insulation is removed from the car specifically at the firewall we wanted to try and keep the cabin as cool as possible while still realizing the significant weight reduction that we got from removing the factory components. The solution comes in the form of reflective silver film on the firewall to reflect as much radiant heat as possible. Now this isn't your average heat reflective tape which is capable of reflecting approximately 60% of radiant heat, the silver film we use will reflect 95% of radiant heat and is capable of a 250 deg. F temperature delta across its 10 mill thickness.To top it off it can withstand radiant heat up to 1050 deg. F! At only 17 Ounces per square yard it will definitely help keep the weight down while still doings its job. You will also notice the block off plates that I made to close up the holes left from removal of the AC and heater. For more on the installation check out the build thread on IWSTI.

In another effort to keep things cool, a ventilation system was added to draw air into the cabin from the factory location in the cowl. The system simply uses two ducts, one mounted up to the factory hole where the HVAC system usually draws in air. This location as many know is a high pressure location at the base of the windshield. Air will naturally flow into the car from this location but to add to that effect and to get some air moving while the car is sitting still a 170 CFM blower was added. The intake duct is filtered to keep dust and large particles out of the car. The final vent is attached to the the defrost vents and outer front vents in the factory dash. Final hose routing and blow mounting will come in a later update. For now check out the build thread for more information.

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