July 19, 2012

BME Radio: 07/19/12

Song of the Day
Aparently we have missed quite a few days, I didnt realize this so here are some makeup songs. I feel like a little Adventure Club binge.

I will be posting an update for the STI when I get a minute later today so check back tonight!

Name-calling, complaints about the song choice, internet wars, and spontaneous freestyle battles are highly encouraged.

"Broken Lungs (Adventure Club Remix)" - Thrice

"Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix)" - Metric

"Please Dont Go (Adventure Club Remix)" - Mike Posner

"Everything to Me (Adventure Club Remix)" - Lips

"Do I see Color" - Adventure Club

"Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)" - Flight Facilities

"Youth (Adventure Club Remix)" - Foxes

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