July 2, 2012

Put It In Slow ... Come Out Fast

Everyone knows how important brakes are on the track ... it doesn't matter how much power the car makes if it can't stop. We haven't addressed the brakes on the STI yet so it is time so start doing so. The first step, since the installation of the part is insanely simple with the engine out of the car, was to install  a master cylinder brace. The STI is known for a somewhat soft pedal feel and a lot of this is due to the way the firewall flexes under hard braking. The Master cylinder brace reduces this deflection of the firewall by placing a mechanical stop behind the master cylinder that braces to the strut tower. The brace eliminates almost all of the flexing under hard braking because the master cylinder no longer has anywhere to go. Below is a nice little FEA model from Grimmspeed showing the results with and without the brace. For more information about the brace installation check out the build thread again.

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