May 10, 2012

1000 Views Reached

In less than 3 weeks from when we anounced this site to a very limited number of friends we have already surpassed 1000 views. We are excited to fully announce our company on all the forums and on facebook once our first products are out of the prototype stage, things look very promising.

Please continue to check back often, we have a few new product announcements and partnership announcements to post very soon and we have prototypes in development so it is only a matter of time before we are ready to start releasing everything for sale.

The build on the STI is starting to pick up, the turbo is finally out of back order and scheduled to ship this week. Once it does our sponsor Nameless Performance can complete their exhaust and intercooler fabrication. The engine build is scheduled for next week as well so hopefully over the next month we can wrap the build up and get the car fired up and down to Spec Ops Motorsports for tuning.

Thanks again to everyone who has shown support so far, and we look forward to growing in the future.

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