May 3, 2012

DBA 4000 T3 Front Brake Rotors: 5x100

Product Spotlight

When it comes to one-piece brake rotors, DBA is definitely a standout in the industry. The DBA 4000 has been a favorite for autocrossers for years, and it's no mystery why. The patented kangaroo paw disk venting system is extremely efficient, and the slots do a great job of removing dust and releasing gases from the pads under extreme conditions. If you're looking for a competitive autocross rotor, definitely check out the DBA 4000. If you're looking for something a little more hardcore, DBA offers the 5000 series rotor which features a lightweight floating rotor design.

These are the same front rotors that we use on our AutoX WRX, and we haven't been disappointed.

Retail Price: $250/pair
Fit: Perfect, like OEM
Finish: We are a little disappointed with how the black paint holds up...
Function: Great rotors, they work exactly as we had hoped. Perfect for the weekend warrior.

Install Time: ~1.5 hours

More detailed unboxing and DIY instructions can be found here.

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