May 25, 2012

BME Radio: 05/25/12

Song of the Day

In honor of our pending and hopeful move from Cincinnati I though I would post something from a band I like that is from the city we are considering relocating to. We hope to be able finalize the plans soon so that we can get things with he company off the ground and running at full speed.

In the mean time we have a long weekend and work will continue on the STI. The goal is to have the car ready to accept the engine and be ready to run wiring and fuel lines by the end of the weekend.

 The band for today's song is Chevelle, the video is of their performance in they home town at the Metro in Chicago.

Name-calling, complaints about the song choice, internet wars, and spontaneous freestyle battles are highly encouraged.

"Sleep Apnea" by Chevelle

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