May 24, 2012

BME Radio: 05/24/12

Song of the Day

So... It has been a busy couple of days! I have been traveling for the day job, and am now back at the airport. Got to hang out with Pat for a few hours last night, and discuss more about BME which is always good. I'm not headed back to Greenville, SC for the long weekend. The fiance is flying out tonight from Chicago, it's always nice to get to spend time with her.

The band for today's song is a side project of Daryl Palumbo; better known for Head Automatica and Glassjaw. While the project never really materialized into its full potential, I think that this song is really cool. It mixes the hardness of Glassjaw with the smooth beats of a club mix, or style of Head Automatica. I hope you enjoy!

Name-calling, complaints about the song choice, internet wars, and spontaneous freestyle battles are highly encouraged.

"Afghani Black" by House of Blow

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