May 1, 2012

BME's TT STI: Capture the Kraken!

Intake Manifold Selection & Modification

After extensive research, we've determined that the best bang for our buck for the BME TT STI is a ported short runner 2.5i intake manifold. It flows more than the Cosworth manifold at only about 20% of the cost. This part is a great value for the level of function that it provides. If you decide to take up this project, be aware that significant time and patience will be necessary for its success.

Price: ~100 for the IM + 150-250 for tools and extras (depending on what you own and your skill set)
Fit: Requires modification
Finish: Can be powdercoated, quality depends on how well you prep the part
Function: Great flow, here is a link to the performed testing and results

Install Time: 10+ hours of modification (time does not include removal or re-installation)

Additional pictures and details can be found below;
Progress Update #1
Progress Update #2

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