May 7, 2012



So we are going to rant a little bit about the uselessness of stupid non-functional parts that we see the community drooling over. What has this world come to when everyone is "hella flush" with stretched tires, hanging stuffed animals from tow hooks, and covering their cars with LED bling?? What ever happened to running wide grippy tires for traction, or properly building your car to serve a function? It seems that people have become more concerned with looks than performance, which is something that BME hopes to change. Quoting our About page, "If it has no function, it has NO business being on your car"!!! At BME, we do not sell, endorse, or use non-functional parts like the ones pictured below.

We do not understand what has made crappy products like this become cool... Why would somebody waste $1,000 on something that serves no performance function, and frankly looks like $(*%^#$??

So that being said, BME customers, please throw this type of crap in the garbage and spend your $1,000 improving your suspension setup or helping unlock the true power potential of your vehicle. Products like this go against everything we stand for, and we hope you feel the same way...

If you're interested in adding REAL FUNCTION to your vehicle, get in touch with us.


Are you kidding???

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